Horse Breeding

We breed a small number of quality Show Jumping Horses every year.

Our mares are half-Irish or Irish - from proven bloodlines - and the stallions we use are well proven horses in both the highest level of sport and breeding.
Our goal is to breed healthy top showjumpers with good character and excellent training.
All of our homebred horses carry our registered prefix 'Siraxta' in front of their name.

Used stallions:
Aganix du Seigneur, Calikot Hero, Cornet Obolensky, Diamant de Semilly, For Pleasure, Montender, Nabab de Reve, Ogano Sitte, Quabri de L'Isle, Sandro Boy, Singular LS La Silla, Tolan R, Tyson

Therapy with horses

As a qualified physiotherapist Daniela offers one-to-one sessions for people that are afraid of Horses and would like to overcome their fears.
Sessions take place in a safe and non stressful environment and are tailored to the individual needs, requirements and wishes of each guest. This enables you to enjoy your encounter with our quiet, friendly and gentle horses.
This is also suitable for guests that are stressed or going through a rough time.


loose jumping

We train our young Showjumpers regularly and one of the things they do to work on their careers is loose jumping. If you would like to see this or even be part of it we are happy to make it happen.
Also the other horses enjoy a little jumping session.


horse sales

Our homebred Show Jumping Horses are for sale at almost any age. They can be viewed in the field, in the Arena or at Competitions.
Transport and Paperwork can be organised by us and is possible worldwide.



Views of our separate guest apartment



A warm welcome to our own treatment rooms at Coolmore Manor House

Siraxta Horses

Showjumping Horsebreeding, Therapy and Horsesales at Coolmore Manor House

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Coolmore Manor House is approved and classified as 5 star by Failte Ireland